Stan Zlotkowski

Stan Zlotkowski (Zlot-kow-skee) is the true force behind Z3 Concepts. He started the company in the early 90s and has grown from a one-man show into a full-service video production company with 5 employees. While juggling numerous projects and production schedules, he is also Z3's primary cameraman with extensive filming experience. Stan has traveled all over the country and the world with one of his 3 cameras.

The creative process is Stan's passion!

"It's our pleasure to make your company, your product and YOU look great."

Stan is a social guy by nature, and makes personal, one-on-one client meetings a priority. Each project begins with his undivided attention to the concept development. Stan is always thinking outside of the box and his creative concepts are essentials to Z3's success.

For fun, Stan enjoys playing the drums in the band Cosmic Rhythm and running.

  • Stan Zlotkowski

    Creative Director & Owner

  • Heidi Zuck

    HR & Accounting

  • Rayna Allanigue

    Office Manager

  • Russ Straub

    Production Director

  • Chris Bucci

    Creative Editor