Heidi Zuck

Always present, but never seen, Heidi is known to everyone at Z3 Concepts as "the most interesting woman in the world." Her uncanny ability to pay everyone on time is unparalleled. The saying "what would Heidi and Stan do?" is often applied at Z3.

Heidi is the co-founder of Z3 Concepts, and has played several major roles in the development of the company, and its ongoing success. Heidi is the Z3 Concepts Human Resources Department, responsible for all purchasing and accounting operations.

Today, Heidi combines her business knowledge with her horse skills to run the family horse farm, Zuck Farm Stables in Fairview, where she provides horseback riding lessons and boarding services.

In addition to her time spent with Z3 Concepts and Zuck Farm Stables, Heidi works with several businesses in town, providing accounting and bookkeeping services.

In her spare time (which is when?), she volunteers her time as Vice President of Erie Hunt and Saddle.

Education: Duquesne University, BSBA
University of Pittsburgh, MBA

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  • Heidi Zuck

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